Why Did My Car Insurance Go Up?

home and auto insurance bundle in MassachusettsWhy Your Car Insurance Rate May Go Up

Did you get your recent bill and your car insurance rate went up? Let’s look at some reasons why your car insurance rate might go up – this could happen. If this happens to you and you do not have Commerce Insurance call our offices to get your free Commerce Car Insurance Quote.

  • You had an incident on your driving record – speeding? inspection sticker? accident?
  • You moved from one town to another – rates change from town to town.
  • You added a car to your insurance
  • You transferred plates to a different car
  • You changed your coverage
  • You added coverage
  • You added a driver
  • You canceled a car – removing your multi-car discount
  • Your policy is renewing and the company has higher rates – shop around.
  • You removed a driver – sometimes this can change your rate
  • You changed billing plans
  • You are late on your bill – a late charge
  • The company themselves had a price increase – which is not your fault, it is nothing you did.

There are many reasons for your car insurance to increase. Just know that any time you make a change on your policy it is very likely that your price will change – maybe up, maybe down.

How About Reasons Your Price May Go Down?

  • Removed a car
  • Moved from one town to another
  • Added a good driver
  • Have been driving for over 3 years or over 6 years
  • You have turned 65
  • Transfer plates to another car
  • Removed coverage
  • Points came off your driving record
  • You have been driving for 3 years with no incidents (clean in three), 5 years with no incidents (98), or 6 years with no incidents (99+).
  • The insurance company reduced their rates

This all points to the importance of reading the mail the insurance company sends to you to see why your car insurance might go up. They are required by law to send you a mail whenever you update or change your insurance.

Good luck!

Any questions please call my office.

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