When Does the Color of Your Vehicle Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

How often have you seen a red car driving on the road and wondered about the car’s insurance premium? But what if we told you that red cars aren’t too expensive for insurance? Sure, if you’re thinking about a red Maserati Quattroporte, the answer would be different. However, the color has nothing to do with the car insurance premiums.

This blog will clarify which things affect your car insurance premiums and why color shouldn’t be your top concern. 

Factors Determining Car Insurance Premiums

Here are the top three factors that determine your car insurance premiums. We assure you your car’s color isn’t one of them.

Your Car’s Make and Model

The model of your car and how expensively it was designed and manufactured reflects the cost of repairs and replacements in case of damage. Therefore, auto insurance providers always project car insurance rates based on these costs, which can be higher than an older model.

The most expensive car insurance rates today are for Maserati Quattroporte. Older models, whose parts and repairs are cheap, have lower car insurance rates.

Your Driving Record

Have you been previously served with traffic violations? And have these instances occurred multiple times? Then here’s the bad news for you.

Your auto insurance rates will undoubtedly be higher if you’re a consistent traffic law violator because it increases your liability and puts you as a high-risk client for the insurance provider. Moreover, if your driving methods don’t improve, you might see a surcharge on your premiums which may last for 3 years or more.

Your Age

If you’re a young driver under 25, you will likely pay higher premiums than older drivers. The risk of reckless driving and accidents is higher at a young age and reduced as people get older and more experienced. Hence, when you’re 25 and have an immaculate driving history, you might see a reduction in your auto insurance premiums.

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