What Is the Actual Cash Value of Home Insurance?

Actual cash value (ACV) is an ideal way to get a true estimate of the value of your property. It is done so by subtracting an amount from depreciation, deterioration, or obsolescence from the replacement cost.

The replacement cost might include taxes, costs, material installation, labor, and fees. However, this varies from one state to another. When insuring the property for its actual cash value, what you’re covering is the replacement cost minus the depreciation cost of the property.

This blog post will give you a detailed insight into the actual cash value of home insurance.

How to Calculate the Actual Cash Value?

An actual cash value is one of the most attractive options for homeowners in most cases. It is because the premiums are much lower than those for replacement costs. However, it is important to understand how it works if you ever need to file a claim.

Say, for example, you have secured your home for its actual cash value, and ten years later, it is damaged by heavy rainfall. The repair costs are $13,000. You must know that your insurance provider will not cover the repair cost for all the damage. Instead, they will only cover what your roof is worth.

The calculation for this is:

Replacement cost x (expected lifespan of the item – current life of the item) / expected lifespan = actual cash value.

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Thus, if your roof has an expected lifespan of fifteen years, its actual cash value will be:

$13,000 x (15-10) / 15 = 4333.33

You will be expected to pay the rest of the cost. However, if you only have the basic replacement cost coverage, your deductible would be subtracted from your payout.  

Deciding whether to get home insurance is an important decision that can impact you and your loved ones for years. It will protect your home in a natural disaster, keep your family covered in a fire or explosion, and help pay for structural damages.

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