What happens if I Drive Without Car Insurance?

Did you know all but two U.S States require car insurance? Not having car insurance regardless of the state you are in is unwise and could have significant consequences. Driving a car can be dangerous because no one can ever account for what the other people driving cars will do or how they will react on the roads. Car insurance exists for a reason. It ensures that we and our cars are protected from the aftermath of a car accident. Having car insurance is essential and not having it would be irresponsible and unsafe.

Do people actually drive without car insurance?

In New Hampshire and Virginia, you do not need car insurance to operate a vehicle. In 2021, there are roughly 230 million licensed U.S drivers. Unfortunately, roughly 15% of U.S drivers drive uninsured! That is nearly 35,000 people in America that drive cars without the proper car insurance regardless of the state they are in.

What are the penalties for driving without car insurance?

Like mentioned earlier, not all U.S states require car insurance, but 48 out of 50 states do. The repercussions vary from state to state, but if your state requires car insurance and you get caught without it, the penalty will be notable. You never know when a police car will pull you over and ask for your license and registration so it is good to be prepared. In some states, uninsured drivers could have their licenses revoked, suspended or face a hefty fine. In the worst scenario car accidents, one could face jail time for not having car insurance. It is always best to know and have car insurance before you operate a vehicle.

What happens if I have a car accident and do not have insurance?

Car insurance helps protect those who get into car accidents from having to pay thousands of dollars for damages and fees. The last thing you want is to get sued and having car insurance can prevent that. When you drive without insurance you put yourself and your car at risk. You open yourself up to costly bills and will take a financial hit if you get into an accident without insurance, no matter the severity of the accident.

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