What Does My Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance consists of coverage that can help you replace or repair your belongings or home if they’ve gotten damaged due to natural disaster, vandalism, or theft. It can also cover costs in case you inadvertently damage someone else’s property or vice versa.

What’s the Cost of a Home Insurance?

The insurance cost depends on a range of factors, like your home’s features, the kind of coverage you choose, and your personal belonging’s value. You may also be liable for extra costs in case of increased limits and additional coverage. If you’re struggling with finding the expenses, an agent can help you with it. They can also help you find out if you’re qualified for policy discounts.

What Does the Home Insurance Cover?

Home Protection

Dwelling protection is the essential coverage of a home insurance policy. It covers your home’s structure, like walls, roofs, and the foundation. Dwelling protective can also cover the cost of other things attached to your home, like a deck or a garage.

Structure Protection

Many home insurance policies also contain coverage for structures that aren’t a part of your home but are a part of your property. They can include a tool shed, detached garage, a barn, or a fence.

Protection of Personal Property

Along with protecting your home, your home insurance can also cover your belonging that you store in your home. For instance, if your electronic items got stolen or your expensive furniture got damaged because of a house fire, the personal property protection can pay to replace or repair those belongings if they’re destroyed or damaged. Many insurance companies offer additional coverage that can protect your belongings. For example, you can purchase extended coverage for your watches, jewelry, and furs.

Liability Protection

Usually, home insurance comes with liability coverage. It’s used when someone who doesn’t live with you gets injured. For instance, a visitor trips on your porch. Liability coverage can help you pay for the medical and legal expenses if you’re found at fault.

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