What Does a Standard Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Cover?

Homeowners insurance was first introduced in the US back in the 1950s. It’s a type of property insurance that protects both the house and the possessions within it. It’s a way to get financial reimbursement in case of damage or theft. It also includes the cost of damage caused by you.

Wondering what a standard homeowners insurance policy includes? Read ahead to learn all about it.

Dwelling Protection

Dwelling protection provides coverage for the structure of your home, including its roof, flooring, walls, and foundation. In addition to these, dwelling protection also includes structures attached to your house, for instance, the veranda, deck, gazebo, shed, or garage.

While a standard homeowners policy doesn’t cover the costs of damage caused by earthquakes or floods, it does pay for the damage caused to the structure of your home by a hurricane, fire, or lighting. The policies may vary, so make sure you’ve read which natural disasters are included in the structural coverage.

Liability Protection

This part of a standard homeowners insurance policy protects you against lawsuits filed by other people for bodily injuries or property damage. For example, if a neighbor trip over a porch step or gets injured by the wire poking over your fence, they may sue you for the bodily harm caused. Liability protection will help you pay their medical expenses in this case.

Liability protection also covers the expenses of the damage caused by you. If you accidentally damage your neighbor’s shed or your pet ruin’s their front yard, your insurance policy will cover the expenses. You may choose to purchase an umbrella policy when it comes to liability protection for even greater coverage.

Standard Homeowner’s Insurance

Personal Property Protection

In addition to covering the costs of structural damage and liabilities, a standard homeowners insurance policy also provides coverage for your personal belongings, i.e., your property within your property. These include an array of personal items such as furniture, electronics, artifacts, collectibles, jewelry, clothes, and documents. If these get stolen or destroyed because of a natural disaster (the ones insured by your policy), then you can get financial aid for replacing or repairing your belongings.

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