Western Mass Auto Insurance vs. GEICO


There’s no comparison.

So How Do You Choose?

Which is a “better” choice for you? geico insurance in Massachusetts A local agent (like Western Mass Auto Insurance) or GEICO? Everyone knows about GEICO – they spend millions of dollars every month on advertising – so they must be good, right?

Not necessarily so. I believe GEICO has their place. But it is NOT in servicing their customers.

Buying your car insurance through a local agent provides you, not only perhaps the best price available, but also excellent service on your policy. There are many Car Insurance Companies in Springfield Ma.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we pride ourselves in giving great, friendly, and fast customer service.

Perhaps you want no contact with your agent/company and you want to do everything online or over the phone – the GEICO is the choice for you. But remember, they spend millions$$$ on advertising every month and who do you think pays for that? You! The customer. They pass these charges on in the price of their car insurance.

A Local Agent

When you purchase your car insurance from a local agent, such as Western Mass Auto Insurance, we are able to shop your situation around to different companies and get you your best price! In addition, if you have any questions, or you need to make a change to your policy – we are right here waiting for you ready to give you good service.

We have two physical locations in Western Mass – Indian Orchard and Forest Park, are locally owned and actually care about your car insurance situation. We will not jerk you around like GEICO, using high-pressure tactics over the phone to get your payment information – we tell it like it is – we will give you the true scoop about your car insurance situation, face to face.

If you call us with a problem we are here to help – we will not just hang up on you as GEICO can and then what do you do? Who do you talk to? Where do you go? How do you get paperwork for your policy changes? If you choose GEICO these are the problems you may face.

As I write this article, I just had someone today switch from GEICO to Western Mass Auto Insurance – and not only did we save him $60/month but he commented that it was different than dealing with GEICO – he said “you sound like you care about my situation, I can tell you are trying to help” and that was one of the best compliments I can get, because – yes we do care – about your situation and will also tell you when and how you can expect your car insurance to go down.

We want to consult with you about your different options and show you the different prices available to you.

We Know Massachusetts

In addition, the person said whenever he calls GEICO they tell him to hold while they switch him to someone who “knows how Massachusetts insurance works”. That doesn’t happen with us – we are very familiar with Massachusetts auto insurance, the auto policy, and how the RMV works.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we have 40+ years of experience selling and servicing car insurance in the Western Mass area. You can be sure that whoever picks up the phone or waits on you in person that we are knowledgeable about Massachusetts auto insurance.

So why go with a faceless, billion-dollar company like GEICO when you can get your best price right here? Give us a call today for your free quote or stop by and introduce yourself – we will get you your best price available!

Indian Orchard – (413) 543-3800 – Forest Park (413) 781-3800