Your Best Local Agent

There are many car insurance agencies in the Springfield area but the “go to” agency seems to be Western Auto Insurance otherwise known as Western Mass Auto Insurance.

To begin with all of the 32 car insurance companies in the state service and sell their product in the Western Mass Springfield area, some companies have better pricing than others. Some have better pricing for new drivers, some have better pricing for experienced drivers. And some are targeting those problem situations that include drivers with points, DUI’s etc.

Car insurance in Massachusetts is sold through agents throughout the state. We are all licensed and regulated by the state of Massachusetts. We all have a duty to do best by both the insurance company and the customer at the same time. Call us today at (413) 543-3800 for Car Insurance Quotes Springfield Mass.

Many times throughout the years people have thought that I was the insurance company – but this is not how it works. I represent and have contracts with different companies and I sell and service their product.

Great Customer Service

Therefore the main determinant in choosing where to get your car insurance is not only price and down payment but the level of service you receive. This is what has made Western Mass Auto Insurance successful throughout the years – simply because we take pride in the service we give to each and every one of our customers.

We have two locations in the Western Mass area – one in Indian Orchard and one in Forest Park. The Indian Orchard also offers full Registry services for our customers. No more going to the RMV and waiting in those long lines. – you can do it all right here!

Locally Owned

Plus we are locally owned and have been servicing and selling car insurance in the Springfield area for over 20+ years – together we all have 50 years+ of experience to help you get your best price.

So if you are looking for your best price there are many car insurance companies Springfield Ma but there is only one “go to” agency and that is Western Auto Insurance otherwise know as Western Mass Auto Insurance. We would be honored to work for you and try to get you your best price. If you already have a great price we will tell you this too! Stop by or give us a call today!

Indian Orchard (413) 543-3800 – Forest Park (413) 781-3800