Useful Tips for New Drivers Getting Auto Insurance for the First Time

Owning a car is associated with endless possibilities and a sense of freedom. Countless songs, movies, and novels have romanticized going on a long drive with your partner. When you plan to buy a car, the same thoughts fill your mind. Trust us when we say this, it will feel good to rev up the engine and listen to Maren Morris singing, “I find holy redemption when I put this car in drive. Roll the windows down and turn up the dial.”

Before you get lost in the song, here’s some practical advice: Buy car insurance in Indian Orchard alongside your car.

Buying auto insurance for the first time can be daunting. You are probably not familiar with all the policies available and hence, don’t know which one to choose.

Auto insurance for new drivers is based on their age. An 18-year-old who just got his license will have to pay an average of $288 monthly. This is $195 more than what 30-year-old drivers pay.

Now that you know what it will cost you to purchase car insurance, let’s take a look at some useful tips to lower the premium:

Buy a Safe Vehicle

4-Door Sedan

Teenage drivers get a high premium because insurance agents don’t consider their cars safe. A modern vehicle has multiple safety features, which reduce the risk of injuries in an accident. So, when buying a car, don’t look for four wheels that will take you from point A to point B.

Look for Cheap Insurance Companies

Just because your colleague or neighbor bought their car insurance in Indian Orchard from so and so the company does not mean you follow their lead. Big names will cost you more. Cheap companies usually offer packages at a lower cost. These include basic coverage. Once you have driven your car for a couple of months, you can reevaluate the policy and look into add-ons.

Pay in Full

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Most people opt to pay their premiums monthly. If you are buying a policy for two years and pay six months’ premium in cash, it will show the company that you won’t let the coverage lapse and are loyal to them. You might be paying more upfront, but with a discount, you will be saving in the long run.

Get Your Full Driving License

If you are still driving on your provisional license, get your full driving license now! All you have to do is pass a practical test, and your results will help you get a discount on your personal car insurance in Indian Orchard.

As a new driver, you will have better luck getting the right vehicle insurance in Indian Orchard if you tick all the boxes. Insurance agents are looking for a reliable driver, and without a driving history, you will likely get a high quote. This is why you should consider getting named driver experience. Remember: Getting on someone else’s policy will increase the original policy’s holder’s premium. However, it will be lower than what you would pay individually. Western Mass Auto Insurance offers auto insurance for new drivers at a discounted rate. Visit our website to know what our insurance policies cover. We offer a quick and easy process that allows you to get insured in just 15 minutes. For more information, call (413) 543-3800 and talk to our auto insurance agent in Indian Orchard.