Can I Use My Personal Vehicle for Business?

Not All Auto Insurance Is the Same

A personal auto insurance policy generally won’t cover damage to your car if you’re using it for business purposes. So the question is, can I use my personal vehicle for business purposes? pizza auto insurance in MA

Even if your personal policy has “business-use” coverage, you may find yourself at a loss when an accident happens, especially if your liability limits are not high enough to cover the damage. Make sure you’re protected.

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How do you define “commercial use?” Some insurers may simply define it as transporting goods for compensation or a fee. That could include services like:

  • pizza and newspaper delivery
  • catering
  • door-to-door consulting services
  • landscaping or snowplowing services
  • day care/church van services

Even real estate agents may qualify. Fall in to one of these categories? Consider a commercial vehicle policy.

Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance Right for You?

Here are some questions to ask to determine if commercial auto insurance is right for you.

• What are my liability limits? In general, a commercial auto policy can offer higher liability limits. Larger vehicles, like delivery vans, can cause more damage than passenger cars.

• Does my personal policy cover me for issues specific to my business? For example, if you have a trailer that damages another vehicle while on a job, a personal liability policy may not cover the repairs. A commercial policy will.

• Do I have employees who drive my vehicles? In general, if other people drive your vehicles for work, you need a commercial auto policy.

You also a need commercial auto policy if your vehicle hauls tools or equipment weighing more than 500 pounds, makes deliveries, or requires filings for interstate for for-hire trucking businesses.

Want to learn more about the differences between personal and commercial auto insurance policies and know can I use my personal vehicle for business purposes?

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