Understanding Home Insurance in Massachusetts

Most homeowners think that paying for brick and mortar is enough when it comes to building a home. To create a safe space for your family and children, you also need to invest in safeguarding the home from damage. This is where home insurance comes in.

In this post, we will explore the concept of home insurance from the perspective of Massachusetts.

What is home insurance?

According to the Government of Massachusetts, the home insurance policy is nothing but a legal contract between you and your insurance company. This contract is usually valid for a pre-defined time and all the clauses are also predefined and agreed upon. In most cases, the policy is valid for a year.

The policy covers how your insurance company will help you pay for the losses if your property suffers any sort of damage. The specifics of the coverage are usually decided in case any of these unforeseen events occur. Other than protecting you from financial losses, most home insurance policies cover the following types of damages:

  1. Interior damage
  2. Damage of personal possessions or assets
  3. Exterior damage
  4. Any bodily injury or damage that takes place while you’re on the property

What are the state requirements of Massachusetts?

If you’re based in Massachusetts, there is no law that officially requires you to purchase home insurance. However, there are many other benefits to doing so. In Massachusetts, your private lender or bank might not loan you the amount to buy the property, if you don’t have insurance. This means that auto insurance is a must if you need to obtain a mortgage.

In Massachusetts, a home insurance policy must comprise the following components:

  1. The first section is known as the declaration section. This mentions your personal details, the total insured amount, and details of the coverage. This part must also name the details of the insurance company.


  1. The second section is known as the definition section. This part should explain the definitions or meanings of the terms that are used throughout the policy. This is important so you could understand the coverage well.



  1. The third and the most important section is the coverage section. This lists down all that your policy covers under the category of both property and liability protection. Property coverage protects you against the damage caused to your property. On the other hand, liability coverage is for any type of damage caused to someone else because of you.


  1. The fourth part is known as the Exclusions and is equally important. This one lists down all the protection details that your policy does not cover. It is to make sure that homeowners do not get confused.

What information do you need to purchase homeowner insurance?

When you approach an insurance company in Massachusetts, they will ideally ask for the following details:

  1. A detailed description of the house. This may include the exact location of the neighborhood, the square footage, and how old or new the building is. You might also be asked to send a picture of the house.
  2. How far or near is the nearest fire hydrant?
  3. What security devices do you have, if any?
  4. Any prior record of property losses
  5. Your preferred coverages and limits.

After you’ve submitted all the relevant information your insurance broker or service provider will issue a quote.

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