How to Transfer Your License Plates


Transfer Your Plates to a Different Car

[spacer height=”20px”]This is a very common transaction. Most every day some one will come in to transfer their license plates to a different car. When you have Springfield Auto Insurance you are able to switch your plates to a different car at any time.It is a quick and simple transaction.

If you currently own a car and have it insured with us – but you want to buy a different car – the RMV allows you to “transfer” your plates from your current car to your new car.

Do not transfer plates until you go to your insurance agent to process the transaction. However, the law allows you a little wiggle room on this.

The Law

[spacer height=”20px”]You actually have seven days where the plates are interchangeable between vehicles and still be covered by your car insurance. You have seven days from the date you transferred ownership of your previous vehicle.

So if you own a ’95 Honda Accord and you want to purchase a ’01 Toyota Camry, you have seven days from the date you transferred ownership (sold) your ’95 Honda Accord – but you must have proof of this with you if you get stopped by the police during that seven day period.

What is proof? It is a copy of the title, front and back, showing that you sold or traded in your ’95 Honda on a particular date – and this date better be within seven days of the date you are stopped or the police can take your car – not a good situation.

This is why it is best to wait to transfer your plates until after you have been in to see your car insurance agent.

Remember, if you make a change on your insurance like this – transferring plates to a different car – you will get new paperwork in the mail from the insurance company – review this paperwork and be sure everything is just how you wanted it – if there are any problems or concerns call us here and we can assist you.

RMV Fees

[spacer height=”20px”]The RMV fees are $75 for a new title (unless the car is already in your name) and $25 for a plate transfer plus taxes. These are the fees for when you transfer your license plates to a different car. Feel free to do this transaction right in our office!

Any questions give us a call.

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