Tips to Find the Right Auto Insurance Service

‘Shopping’ for auto insurance in Massachusetts isn’t as easy and straightforward as you might think it is. In order to land an insurance policy that suits your requirements the best, you need to find the right service first. An ideal insurance service will formulate a policy that includes all your required coverage and fits within your budget.

The following tips may come in handy:

Step 1: Do your research

Start your research from your circle.

Ask your friends, coworkers, and family about their experiences of dealing with various insurance companies. Talk about good and bad experiences.

Look for an insurance company that has a strong online presence. You need to see how accessible the company is. Read the reviews on their website. Skim through their social media and see if they are responsive.

If the company has a special mobile app, it’s always a plus. The app will help you keep up with your transactions online without visiting the office for each consultation. That’s why we’ve launched ours!

Step 2: Obtain quotes

When you’re dealing with an auto insurance policy, one of the main decisive factors is the cost of your policy. The company presents this in the form of a quote. For starters, we recommend requesting quotes from multiple insurance services. The insurance agencies either provide quotes through their agents or directly through the website. Since the COVID-19 pandemic calls for minimum human interactions, try and request the quotes online.

If you’re based in Massachusetts and don’t know where to look for agents, you can also visit the Division of Insurance’s ‘Agent Finder Website’ and carry out a detailed online search. However, this might not be a great idea since some agents will get you quotes from multiple insurance companies. Speaking directly to the company of your choice might make more sense.

When you’re comparing the quotes, don’t forget to take limits, coverage, and deductibles into account. A small difference in any of these can make a bad quote appear feasible. We also recommend inquiring about any additional benefits and discounts that the company may offer.

Step 3: Apply via the MAIP

Just because an insurance service refuses to offer coverage, doesn’t mean no other service will. There is always a way to explore your options. If nothing else seems to work, you’re still eligible for auto insurance as per the provisions of the Massachusetts Auto Insurance Plan. The MAIP has been in effect since April 1st, 2009.

In order to apply for coverage via the MAIP, you need to get in touch with an insurance agent. They will fill out an application addressed to the MAIP on your behalf. After processing your application, the MAIP will assign you an insurance company. However, this might be a more expensive option.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance, we have something or the other for everyone. If you’re based in Springfield, get in touch, and one of our Auto Insurance Agent Springfield MA would be glad to formulate a low-cost policy for you. Request a quote now.

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