Renovations That Affect Your Home Insurance

If you own a house, you might be tempted to get it renovated and add a few new features from time to time. This could be due to several reasons. You may want to replace an outdated design, make repairs, or renovate your home to increase your property value.

However, before you do any renovation, you should know that home renovation can affect your home insurance policy. Here are a few upgrades to be mindful of before proceeding with your home remodeling project.

Backyard Swimming Pools

A swimming pool increases your property value because it’s an additional feature not common in most homes. If you’re planning to build a swimming pool in your backyard, talk to your insurance provider beforehand to know how much more premium you’ll have to pay after the pool’s installation.

The increase in premiums is also because the swimming pool increases the risk of you or anyone else getting injured on your property, thus requiring more liability coverage. Your insurance provider may also ask you to build a fence around the pool if you have kids.

Home Offices

Converting a spare room into a home office boosts your home’s property value because people nowadays prefer having home offices due to the rise in remote working culture. It also increases the premium you pay for your home insurance.

An increase in insurance premiums due to home offices is also inevitable since you’ll be keeping various office supplies and equipment, like a personal computer, laptop, printer, and more, in your house. In case of theft or any other damage, this equipment will be covered under personal property coverage.

Roof Replacement

Installing a new roof may not be the most aesthetically pleasing renovation you make, but it lowers your insurance premiums. You can save money, especially if you live in an area where rainstorms or hailstorms are common.

A new roof protects your house better against the elements of nature, and there’s a lower risk of water damage through seepage.

A swimming pool in a backyard

If you’re planning to renovate your home, make sure you speak to your home insurance provider.

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