Reducing Car Insurance Premiums After An Accident

Getting your car repaired after an accident will be expensive; there’s no getting around it. However, it doesn’t have to leave you with an empty bank account.

Car insurance can protect you after you were in an accident. At-fault accidents come with a lot of associated costs—whether it’s paying for injuries caused or sustained or car damages.

But after an at-fault accident, your car insurance premiums are more than likely to rise.

Car insurance companies raise premiums for drivers who exhibit risky driving behavior—and an at-fault accident definitely counts.

However, there are ways to keep your premiums affordable in the aftermath. Here are some of them:

Inform Your Insurer About The Accident—No Matter How Minor

Not informing your insurer about even a minor accident can have severe consequences—especially when your car insurance policy is being renewed.

You might be tempted to not inform your insurer about an accident where no damage was done to your car, but if the victim decides to sue you weeks or months later, and you haven’t told your insurer about it, you’ll find yourself in a terrifying spot.

Does Your Policy Have An Accident Forgiveness Clause?

Accidents happen—a lot of times, they happen to even the safest drivers. While shopping around for car insurance policies, it is essential to ask the insurer if they have an accident forgiveness clause for policyholders.

Car Insurance Premiums

The clause will differ from one company to another. Some may forgive your first instance of an accident on the new policy, while others may require proof that you’ve been an accident-free driver previously.

Shop Around For New Car Insurance Policies

Once your insurance policy renews after the accident, you might not be delighted with the renewal rate. At this point, it is recommended that you shop around for other car insurance policies. While you may still pay higher rates than a standard policyholder, you can withdraw extra clauses from your new plan that you’ve never used.

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