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Mass Auto Policy Part 2 – PIP

This Mass auto policy Part 2 PIP or Personal Injury Protection pays three kinds of benefits and when you buy Mass Insurance you want to make sure you get a zero deductible – this is very important.   MA auto insurance policy

  1. Medical Expenses – incurred as a result of the accident for necessary medical, surgical, X-ray, and dental services. Includes ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, and funeral services.
  2. Lost Wages – If an injured person is out of work because of the accident – we pay lost wages up to 75% of average weekly gross wages.
  3. Replacement Services – Reimburse the injured person for payments made to anyone outside the household for necessary services that would have been performed without pay for the benefit of the household – had they not been injured.
  • To you or any other person if injured while occupying your auto with your consent
  • To any pedestrian, if struck by your auto

Total payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and replacement services will not exceed $8000

What If I Have Health Insurance?

If you have a “health plan” we pay up to $2000 for any injured person. We also pay medical expenses in excess of $2000 which will not be paid by the health plan (maxing out at $8000). If the health plan will cover the expenses of over $2000 PIP will not pay more than the $2000.

Motorcycle insurance does not include Mass auto policy Part 2 PIP – which is why Medical payments part 6 is so important here.

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