Mythbusting: Auto Insurance Edition

When shopping for an auto insurance policy, it pays to know the facts. You see, your co-workers and friends may not be the most reliable resources when it comes to insurance information. So to help you differentiate facts from fiction, we’ve debunked some of the most common myths that surround car insurance.

My friend borrowed my car and crashed it, so he’s responsible for the damages

If you lend someone your vehicle and they end up crashing it, it’ll be your insurance – and not theirs – that will cover the resulting damages. You see, on personal auto policies, the insurance generally follows the car – and not the driver. So, if your friend crashes your car, it would go through your insurance company.

Your Insurance Company Can Cancel Your Policy at Any Time

There are certain laws and regulations in place that prohibit insurance companies from cancelling your policy in the middle of its term – unless, of course, they have valid reasons of doing so. Such reasons may include fraud or defaulting on payments. However, if you have a valid driver’s license and have been paying your premiums on time, there’s nothing to worry about.

Your car insurance company, however, can choose to non-renew you, but this can only happen during renewal time. There’s a variety of reasons non-renewals happen, with too many filed claims being one of them.

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I can leave my laptop in my car since its covered by my auto insurance policy

Personal property, like your cell phone and laptop computer, isn’t covered by your auto insurance policy. Instead, these items are generally covered by the personal property insurance from your renter’s or homeowner’s policy. However, a claim would be subject to a deductible.

The More Expensive the Car, the More it will Cost to Insure It

Before giving a quote for collision and comprehensive coverage for any particular car, insurance companies consider its “loss history” – in other words, they’ll consider the number of claims they’ve paid out on that particular model along with how much it’ll cost to repair it. In fact, the sales price of our vehicle is not such an important factor. For instance, a $50,000 sports convertible could have costlier claims than a $100,000 SUV, so the insurance quote on the convertible will be costlier.

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