Your Massachusetts Driving Record

Your Massachusetts driving record has a big effect on the price of your car insurance.

If you have a good driving record, with no incidents – you will get a reasonable to great price. If you have a poor driving record with points on your record – this will increase you pricing.

It also matters how long you have been driving. Here is the break down

  • Driving 0-3 years is the highest pricing bracket.
  • Driving 3-6 years is the next level of pricing.
  • Driving 6 years+ is the lowest priced bracket.
  • If you are age 65 or older and have been driving at least 6 years you get an additional discount.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor vehicles is in charge of your driving record.

You will only be charged for an incident if it has occurred in the last 6 years. If you are incident free for the last 6 years you would have a perfect driving record which is indicated as a 99.

If you have had no incidents for the last 5 years this is indicated as a 98 on your driving record.

Your Massachusetts Driving Record works on a point system. If you have an accident or get a moving violation you can get points.

  • Your first moving violation ie. speeding you do not get points but it goes on your record as having occurred.
  • For each moving violation that occurs after your first on you get 2 points. These are for things like : speeding, no inspection sticker, texting while driving, lane violation etc.
  • If you have an accident that is your fault you can either get 3 points or 4 points depending on how much the insurance company pays out. If they pay out more than $2000 you will get the 4 points. Between $100 and $2000 you will get 3 points. Under $1000 you should not get points. Typically most claims for an accident will be over $1000.
  • Each point then can account for 10%-15% more on your car insurance – each point. So it can add up.

Here are some common questions:

What if an uninsured driver is driving an insured car? – If you ever allow a driver to drive your vehicle and they are NOT listed on your insurance – you are opening yourself up to the possibility that the insurance company will deny the claim.  Therefore always list whoever is driving your vehicle.

Can someone drive my car and be covered on my insurance? – Yes, if they have their own insurance you can list them on your policy as a “deferred” driver this way they can drive your car but you will not be charged for them being on your policy. If they do not have their own insurance they would need to be list on your policy as an “occasional” driver in order to drive your vehicle.

What happens if someone else is driving my car and gets in an accident? – Not good! If they are listed on your policy your claim most likely would be covered. However if they are not listed this can cause a problem. Be sure that any points handed out go to the driver – not you, the owner of the vehicle. The points should go to the driver!

Can my son drive my car if he is not insured? – The simple answer is YES if he is listed on your insurance. If he is not listed on your insurance and he has an active drivers license the insurance company will want to know this – as it would increase the price of your policy. This is why people hide drivers from the insurance company – because of the price increase. But if your claim is not covered because a non listed driver is driving you car then you are just wasting your money – it is better to just list the driver and make arrangements yom pay the higher priced insurance – then you will be covered and your money will not be wasted.