Mass Auto Policy Medical Payments

Mass Auto Policy – Part 6

Medical Payments pays reasonable expenses for necessary medical and funeral services incurred as the result of an accident. These amounts are paid over and above Part 2 Personal Injury Protection. So Part 2 PIP pays up to $8000 first then your Part 6 would kick in. To find out how much this part will cost on your insurance call us for your free Commerce Car Insurance Quote.

This part is inexpensive for the amounts it can pay out. You choose the amount $2000 up to $25,000. Image result for ambulance

This also pays damages if you are struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

Damages are not paid more than two years after the accident. Information on Mass auto policy Part 6 Medical Payments is available in our office. Stop by during business hours and pick up your copy of the Mass Auto Policy.

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