Massachusetts Auto Insurance Comprehensive

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Comprehensive

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Comprehensive coverage covers any damage to your vehicle other than damage caused by a collision. Call us to discuss the policy and Car Insurance Springfield Ma.

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Comprehensive Covers:

  • Stolen – Report loss to Police Dept.
  • Vandalism
  • Fire – Report loss to Fire Dept.
  • Falling Objects (Hail)
  • Explosion
  • Windstorm
  • Water (Flood)
  • Riot
  • Contact with a Bird or Animal

This particular part is not expensive – for what it pays out. Most Comprehensive charges range between $100 – $300 for the year or any where between $10 to $25 a month – it is well worth it. Just one glass claim pays for the coverage for the year.

With this part you must choose a deductible. The most popular is $300. Be sure your glass coverage does not have a deductible.

Is This Part Required?

Mass auto policy Part 9 Comprehensive is required if you have a loan on your vehicle otherwise it is up to you. In the Springfield area it is a good idea to get this part even if just for the glass coverage.

Protects Your Investment

You work hard for your money, you invest in a car. Say you pay $5000 of your hard earned money, don’t you want to protect your money? By getting Part 9 Comprehensive it overs if your vehicle is stolen. Therefore, if your car is stolen and you have Comprehensive – if after 72 hours the vehicle is not found? The company will pay you the value of the vehicle less your chosen deductible.

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