Auto Insurance Bodily Injury to Others

Mass Auto Policy Part 5 – Optional Bodily Injury to Others

This is a very important part – the lawyers tell me that out of the 12 parts on the auto policy – this is the part that is hit up the most. To find out how much this important part will cost you call our office for your free Commerce Car Insurance Quote.MA auto insurance policy

This part Extends your liability protection from Part 1 – (the basic $20,000/$40,000 limits under Bodily Injury to Others) up to the amount you purchase under this part.

What Does it Cover?

This option provides coverage for bodily injury for accidents outside Massachusetts including anywhere in the United States, its territories or possessions, or Canada.

This coverage also pays for damages suffered by guests in your auto – so it covers the passengers in your car. Remember, without this coverage your passengers are not covered for Bodily Injury if you are in an accident.

Mass auto policy Part 5 Optional Bodily Injury to others is very important as it protects your assets – if you own a home you want to get higher limits on Part 5 – many times people will get 100/300 or even 50/100 – just something more than offered in Part 1 and something more than the standard 20/40.

If you have any questions on this part please call my office.

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