Mass Auto Insurance

Massachusetts Auto Insurance

When deciding who to go with for Ma auto insurance a good place to start is Western Mass Auto Insurance.

There are 32 different auto insurance companies in ma – all are regulated and licensed by the state. All the companies have to follow the state’s laws and regulations. Some companies are bigger than others but they are all legitimate, responsible companies who follow all the state’s regulations.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we offer many different companies to choose from. We analyze your situation and place you with the company that offers the best price for Car Insurance in Springfield Ma.

Online Insurance?

Since 2008 GEICO and Progressive have been admitted into the state. Both are huge national companies but a word of caution when working with therm – do NOT give them your credit card information over the phone when calling them to simply get a free quote. They both are fairly high pressure sales over the phone and they desperately want to sell you a policy. So buyer beware of these two companies.

We have had many people state that they were just calling them for a quote when, in fact, they actually started a policy without even knowing it.

In addition, these two “online” companies have no local agents you can go speak to which makes it a bit difficult to make changes on your policy or discuss billing matters.

Your Local Agent

This is why going with an agent like Western Mass Auto Insurance is the way to go because we are here, in our offices, Monday through Friday ready and willing to help you any way we can. We will not hang up the phone on you like GEICO can and has to countless people. We live in the community and stand behind out services 100%.

So when it is time to shop for auto insurance and you are looking for Ma auto insurance be sure to give us a call or stop by one of our two locations for your free auto insurance quote today!

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