How to Make Changes to Your Car Insurance

How to Make Changes to Your Car Insurance

Our office is here to service your insurance needs. If you wish to make any car insurance changes simply come into the office with your drivers license and we can help you make the change.

Call us to discuss your coverages and get a Commerce Car Insurance Quote.

What changes can I make to my car insurance?

  • Add a car
  • Transfer to a different car
  • Add a driver
  • Remove a driver
  • Cancel your plates and your insurance on that vehicle
  • Change bank information
  • Change place of garaging
  • Change coverage

We Will Assist You with All the Changes

There is no additional charge of any type for us to do these changes for you – this is what your agent is for. However all of these changes can effect the price of your car insurance – so be sure you fully understand how these changes will effect your payment – this is very important.

We will do the best we can to “estimate” the change in your price. We use the company software to estimate your new price – I can only go based on what the company projections are based on all the information we have. It is possible that the estimate can bee slightly more or even slightly less – but we do our best to get you a “ball park” figure.

Then it is very important that you watch your mailbox for new information from the insurance company about your car insurance changes. They will send new paperwork reflecting your change. Be sure to review this paperwork to insure that the change you requested was done properly. If there are any discrepancies please contact my office for assistance.

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