Mail the Insurance Company Sends to Customers

Insurance Companies Send Out Lots of Mail

Especially in car insurance – they are required to by law – but it is most important to open and read the mail the insurance company sends to you. If you have Springfield Auto Insurance you should read all the mail you get from the insurance company.mail in mass auto

When you start a car insurance policy the insurance company will send you a packet of information in the mail with all of your policy information, including your “Policy Selections Page” – this shows what type of coverage you have, what cars are covered, who the drivers are, your address, etc – all the info on your policy.

Then if you pay your bills in the office monthly they will send you a bill each month.

Then if you make any change on your policy – any change – like changing cars, garaging, drivers – any change – the insurance company is required by law to send you out all new information.

Always Open the Mail

It is important to open each piece of mail you receive from the insurance company because it may be about your new bill, your new coverage, or reflecting the change you had just made.

So just know – if you make a change on your policy you are going to get new mail from the insurance company. Open it up, make sure you understand what it is, and then if it is very important or if there is a problem of some type you will know. The mail the insurance company sends me is important to read – there is always a reason they are sending you the mail.

If you have any questions about the paperwork you receive in the mail please feel free to call our office, we will assist you the best we can.

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