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Western Mass Auto Insurane is proud to offer great rates on Ludlow auto insurance. Ludlow may be a small town in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t exempt it from its fair share of traffic violations, car accidents, and auto thefts. Car crashes and road accidents are quite common in the town and can have severe consequences for the individuals involved. Auto theft isn’t all that unusual in the area either, with a number of cars being reported as stolen each year.

How can auto insurance help in these circumstances?

For starters, it helps in replacing or paying for your car if it’s stolen. Most of us can’t afford to buy a new vehicle after an auto theft. The loss of an automobile can be even more severe for individuals who’d now have to spend a lot more on the commute or rethink their life’s savings. Having a comprehensive coverage ensures that you’re compensated for your loss and can get a new car. That said, this depends on the kind of insurance policy you get, so make sure you get one that offers compensation for auto theft!

Auto insurance also pays for the repair work required after your vehicle has been involved in a traffic accident. Damages caused by animal collisions or bad weather are also paid for by the insurance company. This saves you from the financial burden of paying hefty costs for repair work or buying spare parts. Not to mention, auto insurance also covers medical bills and hospitalization costs for treating bodily injuries sustained in an accident and can even pay for rehabilitation services.

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Driving Directions to Our Massachusetts Office Locations

Ludlow to Our Indian Orchard Office

  1. Take Hubbard St to MA-21 S
  2. Turn right onto Hubbard St
  3. Take Parker St, Plumtree Rd and Sumner Ave to Belmont Ave in Springfield
  4. Turn left onto MA-21 S
  5. Turn right to stay on MA-21 S
  6. Turn right onto Main St
  7. Turn left onto Parker St
  8. Turn right onto Wilbraham Rd
  9. Turn left onto Plumtree Rd
  10. Turn left onto Whittum Ave
  11. Turn right onto Sumner Ave
  12. Slight right onto Belmont Ave *(Destination will be on the right)

Ludlow to Our Springfield Office

  1. Take Hubbard St to MA-21 S
  2. Head west toward Walnut St
  3. Turn right toward Walnut St
  4. Turn left onto Walnut St
  5. Turn left onto Oak St
  6. Turn right onto Hubbard St
  7. Continue on MA-21 S. Drive to Main St in Springfield
  8. Turn left onto MA-21 S
  9. Turn right to stay on MA-21 S
  10. Turn right onto Main St  (Destination will be on the right)

About Ludlow, Massachusetts

Ludlow is a New England town in Hampden County, Massachusetts. The population was 21,103 as of the 2010 census. Ludlow is considered part of the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is located northeast of Springfield just across the Chicopee River, it is one of the city’s suburbs.