Looking Out for Property Damage as a Tenant

Living in a rented apartment, house, or duplex means that you take up shared responsibility with regard to the property. As a renter, you may not be responsible for property damage, but it is your ethical duty to keep an eye out for it.

A rental agreement works like a partnership. If you do your part as the tenant, you can ensure that your stay is seamless and that the property owner’s life will be a lot easier.

Being A Responsible Tenant

While handing their property over to you, the property owner will have some basic expectations from. They’ll expect you to take care of their apartment, be a responsible tenant, follow the law, and prevent any property damage, among others.

The following are some of your responsibilities as a tenant:

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance, or more specifically liability coverage, will help you compensate others if you unknowingly cause them injury, or if you cause property damage. If you manage to damage the property at any time during your stay, your coverage will repay the damage for you.

Cleanliness And Maintenance

These are two of the most contested clauses in a rental agreement. The responsibility of small maintenance tasks will be outlined in the rental agreement itself. As the renter, you might be responsible for these tasks, in addition to maintaining the upkeep of the property.

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Property Risks

You’re the person occupying the property most of the time and not the owner. This means that you need to work as its first line of defense. The following are some ways in which you can protect your rental against any disasters:

Take Care Of all the Home Systems

Your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are the foundation of your home, even if you live in a rental. It’s your responsibility to detect any signs of wear and repair them before they become dangerous to you or the property.

Don’t Make Unapproved Changes

Most property owners are very possessive about their property. Hence, unless you share a close relationship with them, avoid making any permanent property changes without their approval.

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