Local Life Insurance

Different Types of Life insurance

Mass Mutual of Springfield, Mass is a proud partner company with Western Mass Auto Insurance as we are excited to be able to offer their life insurance products to our customers.

Final Expense Insurance

When a loved one dies it is a very difficult time. Final Expense Insurance is the ideal way to reduce the stress of this inevitable event. These policies are inexpensive but will cover all the expenses of your loved one’s funeral, bills and any other left over debts. Why put the burden on you? Call us today for a free quote and consultation.

Mortgage Protection

We are proud to represent Mass Mutual for this product. If you are married and own a home – this is smart insurance to have.  Besides Final Expense Insurance it is very important to protect your home in the case of death.

If you or your spouse die this insurance pays off the balance of your mortgage allowing your loved one to safely stay in your home for as long as they want without having the burden of meeting the mortgage payment every month. It offers great peace of mind. Call our office for a free quote and consultation – the younger you are the lower the rates – so get you quote today. 413-543-3800

Insurance and Savings Plan for Your Infant

Again we are proud to represent Mass Mutual for life insurance. This is a very valuable tool if you are interested in saving for your child’s future – accumulating money tax deferred. These policies are inexpensive if purchased while the child is very young – then over time – until the child is ready for college – they will be accumulating a significant amount of cash value to be used as they wish when the time comes.

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