Listing Drivers on Your Car Insurance

Who Needs to Be Listed as a Driver on My Car Insurance?

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But here is the simple answer: driver and passenger looking for car insurance in MA

All household members with driver’s licenses must be included on your policy, as well as any customary operators.

A “customary operator” is anyone who uses the vehicle on a regular basis – whether a household member or not.

Simply list everyone with an active, valid driver’s license who has access to your vehicle and who either may drive the vehicle or does drive the vehicle. It’s as easy as that.

List All Potential Drivers

This is one area you do not want to mess with. If someone is driving your car and they have an accident or doesn’t have an accident – you better be sure that they are listed on your policy as a driver.

Many insurance companies will check with the RMV and see who is licensed at an address – they then want all those licensed individuals listed on your policy as a driver.

If the person lives with you but does not drive the car – then you may exclude the person from the vehicle and thus not be charged for them on your insurance.

If the person lives with you but has their own insurance then they should be listed on your policy as a “deferred operator” – showing they live in your household but are not being used to rate the policy. They can drive your vehicle if necessary.

Household Members

Insurance companies want all “household members” with a driver’s license listed on your policy – simply because 1. they live with you 2. they have a valid license and 3. there is a chance they could drive the car.

If you have an incident of some type that could be covered by your auto insurance you do not want any problems, snags or discrepancies – you want all your ducks in a row. Who needs to be listed as a driver on my car insurance? You want everyone listed who is supposed to be listed.

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