Is Home And Hazard Insurance The Same?

Your home probably is the biggest financial investment you have made in your life, so it’s only natural that you look for the best coverage to protect it. If you’ve been looking for a good home insurance policy lately, you’ve probably heard about hazard insurance.

Home and hazard insurance are often considered the same policies because hazard insurance is a part of home insurance. The difference is that home insurance covers more than hazard insurance. Let’s look at what both policies entail.

Hazard Insurance

As the name suggests, hazard insurance protects an individual’s home from damage due to hazards, including:

Fire Damage

Hazard insurance covers fire damage to your home, despite the reason that caused the fire. If the damage is excessive and a person needs to vacate their home, hazard insurance will also cover their temporary residence. However, this expense will be deducted from their dwelling coverage that pays for the repairs.

Hailstorm Damage

Many people think they only need to worry about their cars during hailstorms. However, severe hailstorms can also damage the roof and other structural components of your house. Hazard insurance covers hailstorm damage.

Lightning Damage

Water damage isn’t the only threat during thunderstorms. Lightning strikes can also damage your property. Hazard insurance covers lightning damages, but you may have to pay out-of-pocket if the damage is excessive and exceeds dwelling coverage.

Fallen Trees

Hazard insurance covers damages caused by trees that fall on your property.

Vehicle Running into Your Home

Damages caused by a vehicle running into your home, on purpose or as an accident, are covered under hazard insurance.


Damage to your home from vandalism is also covered by hazard insurance.


Any damage to your home that occurs during a robbery is covered by hazard insurance. However, the loss of stolen items isn’t included.


Explosions inside or near your home can cause a lot of damage. Gas leaks often cause home explosions. Damage to your home due to explosions is covered by hazard insurance.

Home Insurance

Since hazard insurance is a part of home insurance, a home insurance policy covers everything hazard insurance does. Moreover, it also covers:

Structural Coverage

Structural coverage protects your actual home. This includes the foundations, roof, walls, windows, additional structures, etc.

Medical Payment Coverage

If you or any other person gets injured in your house, home insurance covers the medical treatment required.

Personal Property Coverage

If you lose some of your possessions during a burglary or due to any other accident, home insurance covers that under personal property coverage.

Personal Liability Coverage

Home insurance covers your court and other legal expenses if you’re sued due to someone else being injured at your property.

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