Save Time While Shopping for Insurance

It is a smart move to get insurance quotes while you are shopping for your car or bike – this way you know in advance the cost of the insurance and how it effects your budget. Here is the information you need for a quote on car insurance. When shopping for Mass Insurance have this information ready to give to your agent.

Have Available:

  • Drivers License
  • Year, make and model of vehicle/bike
  • Vehicle Identification Number VIN
  • Type of coverage you want – check here.
  • If you have a loan n your vehicle you are required to get Full Coverage. This is with Part 7 Collision a $500 Deductible and Part 9 Comprehensive with a $300 Deductible – No deductible on glass.
  • Otherwise if you do not want to cover your car – it is smart to get at least Parts 1 – 5 Liability insurance.
  • Pen and a piece of paper – write down the yearly amount, the monthly payment, how many payments and the down payment.

That’s it.

Call around – and also call us! You have the information you need for a quote on car insurance – see who can give you the best price and also notice how they treat you, how quickly they get back to you and how helpful they are, after all they will be servicing your policy.

Please call us today for your free quote!

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