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Why You Need Auto Insurance

Western Mass Auto Insurance is proud to offer great rates for Indian Orchard auto insurance.  Insurance is meant to protect individuals from facing hefty financial losses in case of a car accident or vehicle theft. Should you be met with an unfortunate circumstance, the insurance company will pay for your losses depending on the coverage package.

This form of insurance policy saves you from the unpleasant and inconvenient aftermath of traffic accidents. You’ll be able to get your vehicle repaired fairly easily and be able to negotiate with another driver’s insurance company as well if you have a sound auto insurance policy.

Most U.S. states require drivers to have a minimum amount of auto insurance, and Massachusetts is no exception. In fact, you may even get fined for not having an insurance policy for your vehicle. In addition to being a legal requirement, having auto insurance also helps your driving record and makes you stand out as a responsible citizen.

There are three things auto insurance policies typically cover: property, medical expenses, and liability. Property refers to the damages sustained by your vehicle (including theft). Medical expenses include the cost of hospitalization, injury treatment, and rehabilitation. It may also compensate for a loss of wages, if that’s the case, as well as funeral expenses.

Liability refers to the legal responsibility you have toward people or property harmed in an accident that was caused by you. For instance, if your car hits another vehicle or caused any bodily injuries, these will be covered under liability.

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At Western Mass Auto Insurance, we strive to make insurance simple, understandable, and accessible to everyone. In line with this belief, we remain firmly committed to implementing the ADA in every aspect of our services.

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Western Mass Auto Insurance is an auto insurance agency based in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts. We work with the top auto insurance companies in and near the area to provide a comprehensiveauto insurance policyto clients. We’ll help you find an insurance package that meets your budget and also accommodates all of your needs

Want to learn more about our services? Our experienced and professional insurance agents are happy to guide you with the tricky auto insurance process and answer any questions that you may have. At both our locations in Indian Orchard and Springfield, we offer in-house Full Registry services to our customers. No more waiting in lines at the Registry!

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