How To Minimize Car Theft In The Summer

Did you know July is National Vehicle Theft Prevention Month? July is one of the most common months, if not the most common month for car theft every year. Numerous factors go into why car theft is always high in July, but National Vehicle and Theft Prevention believe it is primarily due to “the car drivers mistakes”. Summer is the busiest time to travel every year and car thieves know that. Hundreds of thousands of cars are stolen every summer but that number can be minimized if we all do our part. Here are the best steps to follow to decrease the chances of your car getting stolen this summer.

Always Take the Vehicles Key

You would be surprised to learn how many people leave their keys in the car when they are not in the car. Always take the car key with you, never leave it running in the engine or lying around on the seat. Even if you know you will only be gone for a few minutes, do not take that chance. A few minutes is more than enough time for carjackers.

Windows and Locks

It the summertime, it is not uncommon to roll down your car’s windows. That is all fine and dandy, but when you roll down your car’s windows, you always have to make sure to roll them back up when you exit the car. Also, get into the habit of locking your vehicle as soon as you and everyone exits the vehicle. Sometimes, it is a good idea to hit the lock button twice.

Avoiding Leaving Behind Valuable Items

Never leave an electronic such as a laptop in plain sight inside your vehicle. Even if your car is locked and windows are up, this has not stopped thieves in the past to smash the windows or find a way to unlock the doors. Take all valuable items with you when you leave the car and conceal any valuable items if you do plan on leaving it in the car for a short while.

Have Car Insurance for Your Vehicles

With Car thievery on the rise, car insurance is essential. Western Mass Auto Insurance can provide you with not only the proper car insurance but an affordable one. For years, our agency has been dedicated to providing Western Mass the best car insurance possible. If you want to learn how you can save money on our auto insurance policies or would like to set up car insurance for your vehicles, just contact us today!