How to Find the Right Auto Insurance Policy for Yourself in Indian Orchard

Accidents happen. Having the right auto insurance policy keeps your finances and you safe and sound. It allows you to pay for any repairs and medical bills whether you or the other driver caused the accident.

Consider the following coverage types to design a foolproof insurance policy:

Buying Car Insurance

In certain states, car insurance is quite expensive. However, this does not mean you opt out of it to save a few hundred dollars. You should work with an insurance agent in Indian Orchard to ensure that you don’t over-insure yourself.

Liability Coverage

This coverage type is an important one to include in your insurance policy. Imagine getting into an accident and a bystander gets hit by your car. In the process, you also break a shop’s front window.

This is where personal liability and personal injury come in. It pays for the medical bills of the bystander and repair costs for the business.

Uninsured Drivers

According to a 2021 study, around 1 in 8 drivers are uninsured. In 2016, the total damage caused by uninsured drivers was $13 billion.

This might be hard to digest but buying uninsured motorist coverage protects you from reckless drivers who don’t have insurance.

Vehicle Damage

When choosing auto insurance in Indian Orchard, consider the worst-case scenario before making a decision. What will you do if your car gets completely wrecked? What if the accident was caused by you and injured the other driver? What if the other driver is uninsured?

Then there are situations where you or the other driver is not directly responsible for the damage. In such situations, you need to look into two coverage types:

  • Collision: To pay for damages after an accident.
  • Comprehensive: To pay for any damages caused by a hailstorm or if a tree falls on your car.

Getting Stranded

Your car is made up of rubber, electrical and mechanical parts. You never know when one might fail, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Such events can cause panic at night, and being alone in the dark can be dangerous.

The right auto insurance policy will offer to pay for roadside assistance and cover the cost of your rental until you get your car back from the mechanic. Towing coverage is an add-on, which can be beneficial if you travel a lot.

Now that you know what are the basic car insurance coverage types that you should look into, start browsing. Never purchase the first policy you come across. The right auto insurance policy will give you broad coverage at an affordable rate and with yearly discounts if you make no claims. A broad coverage will help you save money on the premiums and improve your driving history, giving you additional discounts on future add-ons.

If you are looking for a reliable auto insurance agent in Indian Orchard, visit the Western Mass Auto Insurance website. We will design a customized policy for you that will cover all your needs. To get a free quote, fill out the online form here. If you bought a new car, check out our Full Registry Services and get your license plate in 15 minutes. For more information, call (413) 543-3800.