How to Drive Safely in the Rainy Season?

It’s raining, cats and dogs. You’re driving down the road, and you come across several drivers zooming along or driving too fast with no headlights. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? 

Statistics by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration show that  rain can lead to 196 injuries, 784 crashes, and 2,732 fatalities every year. Don’t be a part of these terrifying statistics and drive safely in the rain. This blog highlights 4 ways you can do that. 

Turn Your Headlights On

It may seem like a common thing to do, but most Americans don’t turn on their headlights during the rain. Headlights can make a world of difference. They can help you identify a car if the fog and rain obstruct your view. If you don’t have your headlights on, there’s a possibility that other drivers can’t see you. In many US states, it’s the law to turn the headlights on when it’s raining. 

Turn the Auto-Pilot Mode Off

Self-driving cars will be introduced soon, but until you’re in control of your vehicle, you must drive attentively. While you may be taking your usual route (home to work), you mustn’t drive without thinking. You must be alert to your surroundings because there may be broken down cars and pedestrians, which you might not see.

Use Defrosters

When it’s raining, and your car’s windows are rolled up, you won’t be able to see the road. It’s because of condensation. When the warm air inside your car comes in contact with the cold windshield and windows, the car glass can start to frost up. To combat it, you can turn the heat on, and you’ll get a safer drive.

Drive Slowly

We’re assuming that you don’t want to flip your car or make it skid. When it’s raining, drive slowly so that you have ample time to apply breaks when need be. Water reduces the friction between the road and your tires, making it hard to control your car. When going slow, don’t go too slow so that you end up having other cars bump into yours. An ideal speed to drive in the rain is the third of the speed limit of that road. 

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