How to Drive Safely in Massachusetts Winter

Driving is a hassle on perfectly normal days; much less during the extreme weather. Winters can negatively impact the car, the roads and the driving technique of even the most seasoned drivers and constantly pouring rain and snow just make everything much worse.

With snowy winters almost here, drivers in Boston and all over the US have to prepare for the challenges of driving during winter. Whether you have lived in Massachusetts your whole life or just recently moved there, we’re here to help. Here are some important driving tricks and techniques that can prevent accidents and keep you safe on slippery roads.

Winter Driving in Massachusetts

Precipitation, low visibility, slow traffic, obstruction due to winds, rains and debris and pavement friction are the most common hazards that cause accidents in winters. According to the data provided by NHTSA, every year, out of nearly 6 million road accidents, 21% of them are weather-related.

More than 400 thousand people are injured and approximately 5,000 die in car crashes during rainfall, crosswinds, blowing sand and debris. Taking preventive measures and practicing safe driving can prove to be the difference between life and death.

While the safest practice to avoid accidents in extreme weather is not driving at all, this is what you need to do when there’s an emergency and you have to take the car out.

Safe Driving Practices for Winters

When taking the car out of the driveway, check for these things.

  • Check for anti-freeze and test your brakes to see everything is in order.
  • It’s better to always have a full tank of gas, in case you’re stuck in the traffic due to snowy roads or an accident ahead. A full tank of gas also keeps the condensation out, which means you’ll be less likely to face any blockage in the gas line due to it freezing up.
  • Always keep an extra set of wiper fluid in the car in case your windows or mirrors freeze up in the parking.

snow driving in MA

While preventive measures and safe driving is the obvious choice, it’s important to prepare for worst-possible scenarios. Not everyone you share the road with is likely to practice safety; accidents can and will happen.

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