Quick Guide to Car Buying

This is very important. You need to know how to buy a car the right way. In my 18 years of car insurance experience – I see it every day – people paying too much for the car that they buy then you would need to buy Springfield Auto Insurance.

Whether it’s a New Car or a Used Car – many people are simply getting ripped off. If they knew the right way to buy a car – they could save hundreds and even thousands on their car purchase.

Many car buyers are first time car buyers and don’t understand the “game” to buying a car the right way. Even experienced car buyers can get fleeced now and then unless they are very careful – car dealers know what they are doing and they are very good at it.

I will give you the basics here – but for more detailed information try these two links New Car Buying Tips and Used Car Buying Tips.

New Car Purchase

  • Never buy on the first visit to the dealer
  • Never buy based on “monthly payment”
  • Only Test Drive the car at the Dealership
  • Never negotiate at the Dealership
  • Use True Car to get your best New Car price
  • Fax or email your Best Price offer
  • Let dealers compete among themselves for your business
  • Never buy from the Finance Manager
  • Do not Finance at the Dealership – unless 0% or 1%

Used Car Purchase

  • Never negotiate at the Dealership
  • Only test drive the car at the Dealership
  • Do not fall in love with one car you just “gotta have” – have other options.
  • Research the value of the car you want.
  • Get Vehicle History Report
  • Have a mechanic pout it up on a lift and check it out for you – could save you thousands.
  • Never buy “As Is” from a Used Car Dealer
  • Only offer what the car is worth – be a smart shopper.
  • Ok, those are the basics. get some more detailed information at our web site.

Any questions about how to buy a car the right way or you want some assistance with your purchase feel free to call me and I will assist you free of charge.

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