Car Buying Tips from Western Mass Auto Insurance

If you are buying a new or used car click on the pictures above for my detailed 10 step process to save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. Don’t get ripped off!

Read my tips to save some of your hard earned money.

New Car Purchase Basics

  • Never buy on the first visit to the dealer
  • Never buy based on “monthly payment”
  • Only Test Drive the car at the Dealership
  • Never negotiate at the Dealership
  • Use True Car to get your best New Car price
  • Fax or email them your Best Price offer
  • Let dealers compete among themselves for your business
  • Never buy from the Finance Manager (He or she will be the best salesperson they have)
  • Do not Finance at the Dealership – unless 0% or 1%

New Car Tips

Used Car Purchase Basics

  • Never negotiate at the Dealership
  • Only test drive the car at the Dealership
  • Do not fall in love with one car you just “gotta have” – have other options.
  • Research the value of the car you want.
  • Get Vehicle History Report (Carfax)
  • Never buy “As Is” from a Used Car Dealer
  • Only offer what the car is worth – be a smart shopper.
  • Look for a Dealer who will negotiate with you.

Used Car Tips

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