How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost in Massachusetts

Auto Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

When you are shopping for car insurance there are many different prices available and this article will discuss: how much does auto insurance cost in Massachusetts.

There are many factors that go into the price of your car insurance like:

  • How long you have been driving
  • Where you live
  • What your driving record is – whether you have any points
  • What kind of coverage you are requesting
  • What kind of car you have. If you are just buy a new car check out our Tips For Buying a New Car section to help save money.

How Long You Have Been Driving

As an example, if you are a new driver – meaning you have been driving less that 3 years – it can be a bit expensive. A “new” driver in Springfield will expect to pay somewhere in the $2700/year area – just for basic liability. If you were to get full coverage it can be very expensive such as $4000 – $5000 for the year. This is why new drivers should pay cash for a car and get basic liability to ensure that their auto insurance is affordable.

Once you are driving over 3 years and less than 6 years your price will go down to about $1800/year for basic liability – assuming you have no points on your driving record. This bracket makes getting full coverage a little more bearable.

Then once you are a 6 year driver you can expect your rates to go down to about $1200/year for basic liability – then it can go down even further depending on how your driving record is. This assuming basic liability and living in Springfield.

Where You Live

If you live in a town like Ludlow, Chicopee, Ware, Palmer, Wilbraham etc then your rates will be even lower – the town you live in has a lot to do with the price for your car insurance.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we try to advise all our customers on how to get their best price and even when they can expect their price to go down. So give us a try. By calling us today you can find out how much does auto insurance cost in Massachusetts. You can be sure that we will get you your best price available. Call us today or stop in at one of our two locations. See you soon!

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