How Does the Age of Your Car Affect the Premium Rates

It’s a common misconception that each individual’s car insurance policies look similar to others. However, that’s not true, as your car insurance premiums depend primarily upon your car’s age. The most confusing and hilarious part is that your car’s age can decrease and increase your premium rates.

To end this confusion, we have compiled certain additional factors used to decide premium rates by your car insurance service. Indian Orchard residents must know this information to purchase worthwhile policies.

Your Car’s Age Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums

Vintage Vehicle

If you plan to buy a vintage car soon, be prepared to pay high premium rates.

Vintage cars always increase in value due to their resale value and position as collectable. They are high maintenance and require special care. Hence, the premium rates for such vehicles increase as these vehicles increase in value too.

Increased Breakdowns

Your premium rates will increase if your car is old and constantly requires repairs due to frequent breakdowns. Your insurance company is paying for the repairs regularly and will require more money from you to bear the costs.

Lack of Safety

Specific old car models lack safety features making them prone to accidents. Such cars will always yield high premium rates as they will likely be involved in more collisions. Hence, the liability costs will frequently fall upon the insurance service provider.

Your Car’s Age Can Decrease Your Car Insurance Premiums

Older Model

Certain cars have upgraded features. However, they are an outdated model of some excellent brands. Such cars aren’t prone to accidents and don’t require too much maintenance.

Hence, these middle-value cars will eventually have decreased premium rates.

Less Usage

Do you use your old car for your daily commute? If not, the premiums will decrease as this car isn’t too volatile nor has a higher risk of accidents.

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