How Can You Protect Yourself from Car Theft?

Back in 1981, Massachusetts was known as the car theft capital of the country. Did that change over the years? While we may not have retained the title, the problem was reportedly still as back in 2013—with stolen car and vehicle theft rates quickly rising.

In the face of such statistics, we don’t find it alarming that you’re looking up ways to protect yourself from car theft. Luckily for you, we’ve got ideas.

Protecting Yourself from Car Theft

If you’re worried that your car might end up in the wrong hands and you really don’t want to face the prospect of having to buy another, make a habit of following these steps:

Removing Keys from Ignition

Once you make a habit of removing your keys from the ignition—even if you’re leaving your car for a few minutes—you’ll be safer. You might not realize how many thefts take place in those few precious minutes that you’re away from your car, thinking it’s all good.

Locking Everything

Make a habit of closing your windows and keeping the doors locked. This prevents any third party from finding an easy way in if your car is parked somewhere.

Choosing the Right Parking

When parking, always find an area that’s well-lit and well-frequented by people. This naturally decreases the chances of theft.

Keep Checking

If you can’t find a well-lit parking space or are in a shady neighborhood, keep going back to your car and making sure it’s there. One of the surest ways of recovering a stolen car is letting the police know as soon as possible—so as to not give the burglar much of a head start.

Get Insurance for the Vehicle

Despite taking all proper safety measures, you might never be too sure about your vehicle. Car jackers are sly, nifty innovators who have been known to come up with ways around locks, security systems, and more. Worse is the fact that if your car is ever stolen from you at gunpoint, there’s little you can do to put up any resistance. No locks in the world can deflect a bullet.

What can help is insurance. An insurance policy will effectively cover you for the financial loss that’s incurred at the time of the theft. As a result, you won’t end up losing everything. Not only is vehicle insurance a financial safety net, but it is also a ticket to everlasting peace of mind.

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