Home Insurance Add-Ons Every Homeowner Should Know About

Buying homeowners insurance for the first time might seem intimidating. However, you’re all set to navigate your way through if you know certain things are included and excluded from the policy.

For starters, you must know about specific add-ons or endorsements offered by your home insurance provider. Indian Orchard residents can ask for several different add-ons. This blog post will discuss the three typical homeowners insurance endorsements.

Three Common Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

1.      Sewer Backup

The most common home insurance add-on offered by any home insurance provider, Indian Orchard, is sewer backup coverage. The policy covers all types of damages caused by the water backup. Walls and floor furnishings are damaged most commonly by sewer backup coverage.

The insurance policy add-on also covers the cost of removing the sewer water.

2.      Buried Utilities

Buried utility coverage is another essential endorsement of homeowners insurance that you must take advantage of. This coverage pays for the costs and damages of the utilities buried beneath the house. Sewer lines, electric cables, gas pipelines, internet wiring, etc., are some of the most common utility lines underneath a house’s structure.

Due to lying underneath, they are prone to decay and intrusion from other factors such as roots. These issues can damage these lines, and repair costs can be expensive. Hence, do purchase this endorsement for your home.

3.      Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Another good insurance endorsement for homeowners insurance is EBC or equipment breakdown coverage. As the name speaks for itself, this endorsement saves you from the expensive repair costs of electrical appliances around the house. The breakdown issue could be mechanical or electrical.

Your HVAC, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc., are some common appliances prone to damage. Hence, with EBC, you can rest assured that even if a scenario occurs, you’ll have a financial backup you can use.

If your electrical appliances are damaged due to vandalism or stolen during a burglary, such cases are already covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance.

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