Gas Saving Tips for Your Vehicle


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Here are some gas-saving tips on how to get better gas mileage and the most out of a tank of gas. This is another information piece put out by Western Auto Insurance – all to help you save money.

  • Check Tire Pressure – Tires that are under-inflated use more gas and drivers can save over 3 percent with properly inflated tires.
  • Drive at a Consistent Speed – It uses much more gas to accelerate and brake than it does to drive at a constant speed. Instead of racing up to a stop-light and slamming on the brakes, take your foot off the gas and coast.
  • Don’t Drive too Fast – Driving over 60 mph uses more gas.
  • Get Regular Checkups – Perform the standard maintenance recommended by your car manuals such as regular oil and filter changes. Just don’t go overboard. At quickie oil-change places they are constantly trying to sell you unnecessary “engine flushes”. If it’s not in your car’s manual, you don’t need it!
  • Know When to Use the AC – At slow speeds, it is more efficient to just roll down the windows. At high speeds, air conditioning is more fuel-efficient because rolling down the windows increases wind resistance.
  • Take Off the Luggage Rack! If you are driving around with a luggage rack, you could be reducing your fuel efficiency by 10%. Take it off if you aren’t using it.
  • Clean out the Extra Luggage. Some people use their cars as a second closet. All this extra weight reduces your mileage.
  • Don’t Get Premium Gas. Premium gas will not help your mileage or your performance unless your car’s manual specifically says you need it. If not, just buy regularly.
  • Pay with a Cash-Back Card – Some credit cards, such as the Citi Dividend card will give you a 5% rebate on gas. What a deal!
  • Buy a more Fuel Efficient Car – Obviously, driving around in a Hummer will cost you a lot at the pump. It’s amazing how many SUV owners complain about gas prices when they are also the ones causing them!
  • Drive Less – This is totally obvious, of course, but planning your day better can reduce the number of trips you need to make. Also, consider taking the bus or walking.
  • Use neutral – When going down hills put your car in neutral and coast as far as you can. Also, use it to coast to a stop at a light etc.

Gas is very expensive now so use these gas-saving tips and get the most for your money.

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