Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Transfer My Plates?

It’s EZ. Get a different car and contact us with the new vehicle information. We will give you a price on changing to or adding this vehicle. if you paid cash for the vehicle come into our office with the title and we will do the transaction for you. If you are financing the vehicle then your dealer will probably register the vehicle for you. Please contact us for any assistance. You will pay $75 for a new title, $25 for the transfer – plus tax.

How Do I pass My Road test?

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What Happens if My Policy Cancels?

There are many reasons your policy could cancel – such as nonpayment, underwriting reasons or a suspended license. Whatever the reason it is important you contact your agent to have them explain why and to perhaps quote you a new policy or to see if they can get your policy reinstated. Either way, once your policy cancels you have 33 days for your license plates to remain active.

What is My Coverage?

It is very important that you know the type of coverage you have purchased for your Auto Insurance and/or Home Insurance. If you have Western Mass Auto Insurance be sure we have your email and enter it here to view your policy coverage. Do NOT wait until you have a claim to know your coverage – by then it may be too late – and you may not have what you thought you had.

Can Do I Cancel My Automatic Bank Payment?

Contact your agent at least 7 days prior to your deduction date and they will be able to stop your automatic bank withdrawal.

Why Did My Policy Go Up?

There are many reasons why your auto or home insurance price may go up. Here are a few:
– You change your address
– You have an accident
– You add a driver to your insurance
– You file a home insurance claim
– You change your coverages
– You are late on your payments
– Your company had a price increase

How Do I File a Claim?

Contact your agent if you have an accident and they will instruct you on how to file a claim. With Western Mass Auto Insurance you can file your claim online here.

How Much Will it Cost if I Add a Car To My Policy?

This all depends on what type of coverage you are requesting. Plus it depends on where you are with regards to your policy term. have you just started? Or are you half way through? This can effect your payments going forward. Are you adding a driver? There are many factors that go into a price increase when you add a car.

Does it Cost More if I Add a Driver?

It can cost more if the driver you are adding:
– Is a new driver (less than 3 years)
– If they have points on their driving record
– If they have a worse record than you it can raise your price

How Much Do New Plates Cost?

New plates cost $60. A new title is $75. Then you will have to pay taxes based on the value of the car or if you purchase it from a Massachusetts dealer the taxes are based on the sale price of the vehicle.

Am I Charged a Fee If I Switch Insurance?


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