5 Factors You Should Consider When Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance is usually not a primary factor considered by car buyers –  when they are looking to get a new car. Most people do not even read the fine print on what their insurance policy covers and only focus on the premium costs. If the car insurance premium is low, they sign the dotted line without going over the details – but here at Western Mass Auto Insurance we will carefully go over exactly what your policy covers and what it does not.

While getting cheap car insurance in Massachusetts may not put a strain on your wallet when everything is going fine, it could cause you a lot of frustration when you need the insurance, i.e. in case of an accident.

We suggest making the following checks on your auto insurance policy, as this can protect you from many problems down the road, figuratively and literally.

How Often Do You Use Your Vehicle?

The number of miles that you drive each week/month/year can affect your car insurance policy in Massachusetts. The more miles your car travels each day, the higher the risk for auto insurance companies. Most auto insurance companies consider the risk of accident when deciding the premium’s price and your driving needs play a part in this.

Who Will Be Driving Your Car?

It is very important to let your insurance agent know about the people who will be driving your car. Insurance companies base their policy on the risks posed by different drivers. If the car will be driven by your teenage children or someone with a record of traffic violations and accidents, the costs will be higher.

Make sure you fully inform your auto insurance agent in Massachusetts about the car’s potential drivers so that you are fully covered in case of an accident.

The Car Repair Policy

Insurance companies in Massachusetts offer a wide variety of options for getting your car repaired in case of an accident. Depending on the premiums you are willing to pay, you can get full liability coverage, plus coverage for accident repairs or you can get a partial coverage policy that lies somewhere between the two.

How Long You Have Been Driving and Your Driving Record

You may have heard that the cost of car insurance premiums goes up as you get older. People believe that this happens because their driving gets worse. This is actually not true.

The cost of auto insurance in Massachusetts can go down as you get older – as long as you continue to have no incidents on your driving record. Car insurance companies in Massachusetts understand that people become more cautious drivers, as they get older and their chances of causing an accident go down. This is why you will often find the cost of insurance premiums is lower for people over the age of 65, than they are for someone in their mid-twenties.

Another important factor to consider is your driving history. If you have been involved in car accidents previously, your auto insurance premiums are likely to go up with each accident.

Your Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Everything

Many car owners mistakenly believe that once they get car insurance in Massachusetts, they are covered for everything. This is simply not true. Your auto insurance policy will only cover the cost of the items that are listed on the policy and that you are charged a premium for. The minimum insurance coverage required by the State of Massachusetts does not cover the cost of damages to your vehicle if you are at fault. If you want coverage for this, make sure that they are included in your policy.

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