Does Renters Insurance Cover Bedbug Removal?

If you suddenly discover that you bed bugs, you might wonder if your renter’s insurance is going to cover the infestation treatment. Renter’s insurance, like any other insurance, covers sudden and accidental expenses. While bed bugs might feel like unexpected damage, it usually doesn’t fall under your renter’s insurance—or any other insurance policy. 

Reasons Why Renters Insurance And Bed Bugs Do Not Mix Well

Your renter’s insurance only covers damage to the property because of insurance perils. Some damages might be excluded because of insurance policy wordings and limitations. There are two main reasons why your renter’s insurance won’t cover for a bed bug infestation:

Bed Bug Infestation Isn’t Sudden

Consider that you woke up one day with bed bug bites. You might think that these popped up all of a sudden. However, the truth is that bed bugs infestation isn’t an unexpected occurrence. You might not have planned an outbreak, or it may seem like an accident, but bed bugs don’t make the cut when it comes to insurance coverage.

The truth is that it takes a while for an infestation to develop and become apparent. The process requires a female bed bug to lay eggs. The hatching period of these eggs is up to 1.5 months for an infestation to occur. Hence, this is not a sudden occurrence, and it does not qualify for an insurance policy claim.

Renter’s Policy Exclusion

Renter’s insurance excludes damage from vermin, rodents, bugs, or any other infestation. Preventing your property from being damaged by an outbreak is a fundamental part of home maintenance. And unfortunately, essential home maintenance is excluded from all renter’s insurance policies.

How To Get Coverage For Bed Bug Infestation?

If you want to expand your renter’s insurance policy and need coverage for bed bug damage, you might have to acquire an all-risk policy. This type of insurance will virtually cover everything unless a peril excludes it. When looking around for a renter’s insurance policy, you need to ask your insurance representative if they offer an all-risk renter insurance policy that will also include coverage against bed bugs infestation.

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