What Documents Do You Need To Get Car Insurance


The process of getting insurance for your vehicle has become quite easy nowadays. Today, you can get your car insured quickly in a single meeting if you have all the right documents with you.

In this blog post, we look at some of the important documents that you need to get car insurance quickly without going through a lot of trouble.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle information is of primary importance and helps determine the terms of the insurance. To get the car insured, you will need to provide information about the brand, model, and make of the car to the insuring company. You will also need to have the VIN which you can find on the windshield or inside the driver’s doorframe.

In short, just bring in the title or your current registration to get insurance.

Current Insurance Information

Unless you are looking to get insurance for a new car, you will need to provide your current insurance declaration page to the new insurance company. The declaration page is used as proof that you do have existing insurance on the vehicle and helps the new company understand the terms of your existing insurance.

Driver’s License

Your driver’s license is another important document that you must have to get insurance in MA. Your new insurance provider will need to get a copy of your driver’s license.

The license helps the insurer assess your performance as a driver. If you have been involved in accidents previously or have had your licenses suspended due to reckless driving, it can hurt your insurance premium and costs.

Insurance agents can input your license number in their system and go over your driving record to verify if there have been any driving violations in your past.

Bank information

Bank information is used if you want to have your monthly payments deducted from your bank account once per month. Be sure to discuss this with the agent when you are getting your price quote.

Bill of Sale

This is required if you buy a vehicle outside of Massachusetts and want to get registered for insurance in Massachusetts. Sales in Connecticut also require a bill of sale. If you are buying the car from a Massachusetts auto dealer, he or she will provide you with the registry paperwork.

Process of Car Insurance in Massachusetts

To start the process of getting your car insurance, just bring in any paperwork you have concerning the auto purchase to us. We will show you the best way to get your vehicle registered and insured.

If you need more help getting the right documentation for your vehicle, please get in touch with our sales agents; they will provide complete guidance to find the best car insurance in MA for your needs.