Debunking Common Myths Regarding Auto Insurance

There is no better feeling than achieving your dreams. All of us have different goals, and we all work hard to achieve them. Some of us want to travel the world, while some may want to buy a luxurious house, but one thing that almost all of us dream about is having a certain type of car, and nothing can beat the feeling of finally buying it.

However, you have to be very careful while driving a car to prevent car damage. In addition to driving responsibly, you should also get your car insured.

The internet is filled with misconceptions about auto insurance, causing people to avoid consulting a car insurance service.

Here are some common auto insurance myths.

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1. Insurance Cost Varies Based on the Color

This is the most common myth, as almost every other person seems to believe that a white car will have a lower insurance cost while a red car will incur higher insurance costs. This isn’t true at all, as the auto policy cost is determined by other factors, such as model, engine, the life of the car, and the type of the car. 

When buying a car, try to buy one with low repair cost and whose parts are easily available in the market. This will get you a good auto insurance policy. 

2. Insurance is Costlier for Older People

Another myth that many people seem to believe is that being older means paying greater insurance costs due to less life certainty. This is not true, as older people are more likely to get discount offers through different insurance programs.

The amount of discount may vary depending on which state you are situated in. You can simply ask your auto insurance agent, and they will guide you about it.

3. Credit History Is Irrelevant

Credit history is a very good indicator of your ability to manage money. Insurance companies use credit history as a measure to decide a person’s auto policy. Most people with good credit history get good auto insurance policies, making them pay much less than a person with bad credit history.

If you’re considering buying a car soon, try maintaining a good credit history, as it will help secure a reasonable auto insurance policy.

4. Personal Car Insurance Will Cover Business Usage Too

If you have personal auto insurance but are using your car for business purposes, you will not be protected by the insurance company in case of an accident. You must have business auto insurance if you’re using your car for business needs.

Additionally, if company employees are using your car, remember to keep an eye on their driving records, as your business auto insurance may not cover the costs if someone else was driving your car in the case of an accident.

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Getting good insurance also depends on the quality of vehicle insurance service, as many companies play around with the customers. If you live in Indian Orchard, Western Mass Auto Insurance is here to serve you. We provide car insurance along with home, apartment, life, and cyber insurance services in Indian Orchard. Visit our website or contact us now!