Massachusetts Auto Insurance Damage to Someone Else’s Property

Mass Auto Policy Part 4 – Property Damage

insurance policy This is one of the 4 parts required by law in the State of Massachusetts. When purchasing Mass Insurance you are going to get this important part you need to decide what amount of coverage you would like.

This covers damage to property that you cause in an accident.

Most of the time it is damage to someone else’s vehicle – but it can also extend to damage to any other property – like hitting a telephone pole, or someone’s house or fence – it is damage caused by you to a person’s property.

Are There Minimum Requirements?

A minimum of $5000 is required in Massachusetts but higher limits are available and are recommended. Many get $100,000 or even higher – it is up to you.

If you have a loan on your vehicle the bank may require $100,000 on Part 4.

Mass auto policy Part 4 Property Damage also pays out if someone else was using your vehicle – with your consent – and causes an accident.

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