Crime Situation in Springfield and How Home and Auto Insurance Offer Protection

Springfield is only safer than 6% of US cities, which spikes its crime index high up.

Imagine getting caught in a crime scene and being that one person among 76 others who had the chance of becoming a victim. The thought itself can send chills down your spine.

The Consequences of a Crime

Serious crime against your residential property can leave you traumatized and penniless. You wouldn’t wish that fate on the worst enemies.  You won’t realize the importance of homeowners insurance in your life until you’re left with nothing but regret.

Moreover, such crimes put more than just your material possessions and property at risk. You don’t want to see your loving wife and kids put in a dangerous situation either. The trauma multiplies when you realize that you only have enough to mend the property damage and loss or pay for medical bills.

Save your pockets, homes, and families with home insurance today. The following crime rates will convince you more!

Home and Auto Insurance Offer Protection

Annual Crime Report

According to the crime data collected in 2018 by the FBI, the total number of reported crimes in the area amounted to 5,623 cases. Approximately 3,624 crimes were noted for every 100,000 citizens.

The crime chart includes a diversity of violations. From murder till property crime, Springfield seems to have an active crime scene.

Alarmingly, the aggregate number of property crimes ranked first with 4,089 in the list. Thefts came second with 2,752 cases, with vehicle thefts making a separate category with 427 cases.

The report summarized key findings as such:

  • The crime rate in Springfield exceeded the national average by 40 percent.
  • Every citizen in Springfield has a 3.5% chance of becoming a victim of a serious crime.
  • Crimes have reduced by 16% in the area, according to yearly reports.

Even though the report ended on a positive note about the fall in crime rates, the fallen numbers can’t compensate the need for a reliable insurance plan for your home and car.

Insurance Security

Having an insurance plan to back you up will relieve half of your worries. When you know your house, valuables, car, and other essentials are protected by a financial security, you can be more at ease.

  • In case of a break-in, your lost possessions will be recovered or reimbursed by the insurance providers.
  • In case of vandalism or property damage, your plan will offer coverage for home repairs.
  • In case of car thefts, the financial value of stolen items will be estimated and reimbursed to you.

With major expenses such as these covered, you can save your income and spend on other things such as nursing care for the injured family members, rehabilitation facilities to help recover from victim’s trauma, or even a vacation to lift their moods.

So what are you waiting for?

We are offering reliable and affordable home insurance Springfield MA and auto insurance Springfield MA to residents. Our insurance plans have long eased financial difficulties for families, especially those who have been victims of crimes. Call us at (413) 781-3800 today.

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