Comprehensive and Collision Coverage: What Are the Differences?

According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Keeping that in mind, one must always be prepared for the worst outcome possible. Even when you’re careful, someone else might not be!

The roads are a tough spot to be in, everyone’s in a hurry to get somewhere. When there’s some haste, there’s bound to be waste. You wouldn’t want to end up in a car accident, damage done to your vehicle and no insurance to cover you up, would you? Get in touch with our local auto insurance agents today.

If you need to brush up a little about the types of coverage, we’ve got you covered:

Collision Coverage

If you’re prone to driving fast or live in a neighborhood with reckless drivers, getting a cheap car insurance quote should be on your priority list. As the name suggests, it covers damage done to your vehicle in the event of it colliding with another vehicle. You may receive repairs for the car or in some cases, a replacement for your damaged vehicle that was covered.

It consists of an insurance premium and a deductible. The premium is the amount you pay for the plan, as per your schedule. You’re required to pay the deductible, before the insurance company handles the rest of the payment.

Comprehensive Coverage

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, as John Lennon once said. Comprehensive Coverage is often referred to as “Other Than Collision” coverage or OTC Coverage, is a lifesaver in unexpected situations. Damages that could occur to a car apart from the event of a collision, such as by vandalism, fire, a disaster or if it gets stolen, are all covered in comprehensive coverage.

Differences Between Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision coverage only grants you the peace of mind that a collision or a reverse collision with another vehicle will be taken care of. It also insures you against coming into contact with a pothole or in the event your car flips, the damages will be taken care of after the deductible. Any damage that is not caused by a collision will not be covered in this.

Comprehensive coverage takes care of incidents that could happen to your car that you’re directly not responsible for. For example, if a tree falls on your car or something causes your windshield to crack or break. Whether a vandal keys your car, breaks in and steals things from inside. These are all covered for in comprehensive insurance. Collisions are not taken care of in this form of coverage, however.

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