So you live in the beautiful town of Ludlow, Mass.? We have great news for you. At Western Mass Auto Insurance we have cheap car insurance for residents of Ludlow, Mass.

The Massachusetts auto policy consists of 12 parts. Parts 1-4 are required by law and Parts 5-12 are optional.

In Massachusetts car insurance rates are dependent on where you live – what town – or as an insurance company would think, what “territory”. Your car insurance “territory” is Ludlow.

There are different amounts of cars in each territory. For instance, in Springfield, Mass there are approximately 160,000 cars! That’s alot of cars! And you would have more of a chance of hitting one of them than say if you were driving in Ludlow, Mass.

Ludlow has considerably less cars than Springfield and this is one of the reasons why rates in Ludlow, Mass. are lower than they are in Springfield. Make sense?

There are other factors that go into your price, such as your driving record, how long you have been driving, the type of insurance coverage you want and your car insurance payment history. But the “territory” you live in has a large effect on the price you can get.

At Western Mass Auto Insurance we have many different options as we search to get you your best price. We offer the top companies in the state with the lowest down payments available.

We have two convenient locations in Western Mass, so we invite you to give us a try and allow us to quote your insurance needs. With thousands of satisfied customers we pride ourselves in our great customer service. It is our honor to work with you.

So if you live in Ludlow, Mass. and you are looking for cheap car insurance look us up!